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Key Stage One


Mr G Atkins - KS1 Phase Leader and Class teacher 1/2A

Mr L. Davison- Class teacher 1D 

Mrs S. Tudball - Class teacher 1T

Mrs D. Kelly - Class teachers 2K

Miss S. Smith - Class teacher 2S

Mrs N. Fentiman- Booster teacher


If you would like to speak to a member of the team please pop into the office to make an appointment or fill in the contact form on the front page of the website.


You can also contact Mr Atkins using the following email address:



Children's learning in KS1 is supported by a team of teaching assistants (TAs).

Our TAs support in all classes as well as teaching phonics throughout the school.

TAs in KS1 - Mrs R Rajput

Mrs L Turner

Mrs K. May

Mrs N. White.

Infant Film Night 18th October 2022

Tag Day 21st October 2022

Staff Development Day 31st October 2022

Term 2 starts 1st Movember 202



These are some of the websites that we like to use in school:

Order the numbers - choose the number range then order the numbers.

Phonics play - practice using sounds to read real and nonsense words



 Phonics and literacy


For more information on the teaching of phonics and literacy at Byron click here.




A big focus within Year 1/2 this year is number bond knowledge. By the end of Year 1 the children should know the number pairs that equal 10 by heart and by the end of Year 2 the children should know the number pairs that equal 20 by heart.

Physical Education

Each class has two sessions of PE a week – one inside and one outside.


Term 1 and 2 outdoor PE as follows:


1/2A - Outdoor

1T - Indoor


1/2A - Indoor

2K - Outdoor


2K - Indoor

1T - Outdoor


2S - Indoor

1D - Outdoor


1D - Indoor

2S - Outdoor

Please make sure that the children have the correct kit for their lesson:


Indoor PE: shorts, t-shirt and bare feet in the hall.


Outdoor PE: Shorts, t-shirt and trainers (in warm weather).  Jogging bottoms, t-shirt, jumper and trainers (in cold weather).

During all PE lessons, children need to have long hair tied back and earrings removed. It is school policy not to tape over earrings, they must be removed by the children themselves, adults cannot help them with this.


Library sessions - Each fortnight we will have access to the school library.


Our Unit of Work ~


Find out about Superheroes real and imaginary. What majkes a real life Superhero?


We will explore Superfoods, Super friends and look at real life Superheroes such as Florence Nightingale.


So come on and investigate our real and imaginary Superheroes.  Make up our own Superheroes and decide on their powers, how they dress and what mask they wear.

Find out what Superpowers they have and how our real life heroes have changed our world.