Special Events


Arts Mark Video

Children from Byron were involved in making a video for the Royal Opera House Bridge all about The Arts Mark. You can view these videos via the links below.

How does creativity help you?

What could be improved for children and young people?


COP26 - Climate Conference Video

As you will have read in the Children’s Newsletter last term, the Key Stage 2 members of the Student Leadership Team wrote and composed a song to express their hopes and visions for the future. A media company recorded this and have produced a video of the song, which is titled ‘The Ocean Republic’ as part of a project with The Grange Festival and WWF called 'Future Visions'.

You can view this video via the YouTube link below:



This video will be viewed by world leaders as part of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow.


Future Visions

Our Student Leadership Team have been working with The Grange Festival, WWF and Provident Financial Group on our hopes and vision for a sustainable future. You can read more about by clicking here.