Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) at Byron School


At the heart of our work in school is an ongoing cycle of planning, teaching and assessment that is differentiated to take into account the range of abilities of our children. The majority of children will learn and progress within these arrangements. Those children whose overall attainments and achievement in specific subjects fall significantly outside the expected range may have Special Educational Needs (SEN).


The dedicated SEND team at Byron work alongside class teachers to support the different needs of the children in our school. To read more about the support that they provide for pupils click here.


Our SENDCo is Miss Knight who can be contacted via send@thewestbrooktrust.org or by calling 01634 852981.

Our Governor with responsibility for SEND is Graham Gorvett who can be contacted via byronoffice@thewestbrooktrust.org or by calling 01634 852981.


Our full SEND Policy can be accessed on The Westbrook Trust website, click here

To read Medway LEA's Local Offer - to find information on the type of support available for children with special educational needs and disabilities, click here.

To access support, resources and services provided by MCH, click here.


If your child has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition, try these websites for further help, information and support.


The emotional and mental health of children has become particularly important during recent times, these websites can provide useful information and resources if you have any concerns.


Does your child struggle with handwriting or find writing for extended periods of time difficult? Try some of these exercises which are recommended by MCH.


To get in touch with the SEN team please contact: send@thewestbrooktrust.org or call 01634 852981.

Alternatively, get in touch via the school office at byronoffice@thewestbrooktrust.org


All complaints are dealt with in accordance with our Complaints Policy.