Mathematics, Science, Computing and DT at Byron


When children leave Byron, at the end of Year 6 we aim for children to:   

  • Have a positive ‘can do’ attitude towards mathematics, especially when problem solving.  
  • Have a strong command of the four operations and to develop their love of maths through linking it to other subjects in the curriculum 
  • Have a love of mathematics, understanding how it is used in the wider world by making rich and varied real life connections within their learning.  
  • Be able to confidently reason about their mathematics, using a suitable range of mathematical language, recognising its importance for communication and deep thinking. 
  • Use a wide range of models, visual manipulatives and practical resources to develop a deep conceptual understanding alongside procedural fluency. 


Our Maths Curriculum

We use the White Rose Maths Scheme to inform our maths curriculum.


Maths Curriculum

Maths Mastery


Please click here to see further information on how we aim to achieve Maths Mastery


Our aim is that when children leave Byron at the end of Year 6 they:


  • Have a natural curiosity which inspires them to ask questions that fuel explorations and investigations about the universe in which we live.  
  • Have a deepening level of scientific literacy and critical thinking, vital skills for their adult life, in a future informed by scientific developments and innovations which have not even happened yet.
  • Have a good understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science through different types of science enquires that help them to answer scientific questions about the World.
  • Be equipped with the scientific knowledge they require to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.


Science Curriculum



Our aim is that when children leave Byron at the end of Year 6 they:

  • Enjoy using technology and are competent in life skills such as problem solving and logical thinking as a result. 
  • Are able to share their knowledge of how to be a responsible user of technology through discussion when questioned.
  • Are prepared for the next stage of their lives, knowing how to be a responsible user of technology in the wider World and most importantly, know where to seek support.
  • Are familiar with the three main strands (Computer science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy) and will know and understand key vocabulary associated with these, helping to prepare them for their future KS3 learning.  


Our Computing Curriculum

We use the Purple Mash Computing Schme to inform our Computing curriculum.


Computing Curriculum

DT (Design and Technology)

Our aim is that when children leave Byron at the end of Year 6 they:

  • Are innovative and creative thinkers who have an appreciation for the product design cycle through drafting design concepts and ideas, creating their product and reflecting on its suitability.
  • Have an expanding awareness of the impact design and technology has on our lives including the work of past and present designers and the influence their products have had on our daily lives.
  • Are resourceful, enterprising citizens who will have the knowledge and skills to contribute to future design advancements.


DT Curriculum