Student Leadership Team

"Our Student Leadership Team, formally known as School Council is an important part of our school’s Pupil Voice.

We recently rebranded to the Student Leadership Team to reflect the professionalism of the team in dealing with issues/concerns as well as the key impact that the team has on the school. 

Each class from Year 1 to Year 6 elect two representatives who attend regular meetings every month with Mr Davison. Issues are discussed in Class Council Meetings and then the children’s views are brought to the Student Leadership Team by the representatives.


Over the past few years, our Student Leadership Team have been involved with meetings with our meal providers to give their opinions and reflections on day-to-day practice, they have requested improvements for the school including new interactive whiteboards in each class and new water fountains on each playground and have tackled and reduced the use of single use plastic in our school as well. 


We are extremely excited to announce that our first project of this year is teaming up with the Grange Festival and WWF to create a film about climate change for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow n November 2021. Our topic is "Oceans". We cannot wait for share more about this project with you all, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!"