Byron became an academy on 1st January 2016 as part of The Westbrook Trust and received its first inspection in September 2018.  

To read the report and an accompanying letter from the Head Teacher and Chair of Governors, please click here

A few quotes are below:

  • The headteacher leads the school with drive, energy and compassion and is ambitious for all pupils.  


  • Staff are a hard-working and dedicated team.  


  • Pupils feel safe and enjoy their experiences at school.   


  • Staff give great attention to pupils’ well-being.  


  • Children get off to a good start in the early years. Leaders use effective systems to ensure that children settle into school quickly and happily.  


  • Pupils take part in sports clubs and their sporting achievements are celebrated and valued.  


  • Leaders actively seek out opportunities to enhance pupils’ learning. 


  • Leaders are adept at acquiring extra funding to provide opportunities for all pupils.  


  • The values of respect and non-discrimination are deeply ingrained and pupils frequently consider wider world issues.  


  • The school celebrates diversity through the rich mix of the ethnic backgrounds of its pupils.  


  • The overwhelming majority of parents who responded to Ofsted’s online questionnaire value and support the school. They appreciate the good communication that they receive and the care that leaders and staff provide for their children.  


  • Teachers treat the pupils fairly and are very nurturing.  


  • Due to strong and nurturing relationships between staff and pupils, there is a clear culture of vigilance and care.  


  • Pupils say that they feel safe in school.  


  • Recent changes to the teaching of phonics, supported by effective training for all staff, have contributed to pupils’ evident strong progress in reading.  


  • Great care is shown for all pupils, including impressive support for those facing challenges.  


  • Staff in the school are determined to help pupils overcome any difficulties that they may face.  


  • Arrangements to support pupils who join the school during the year are excellent.  


  • Pupils show understanding and respect for each other’s differences. One pupil commented, ‘We treat each other like a family at this school.’ When new pupils join, they settle quickly, with one pupil describing them as ‘new members of the family’.  


  • The behaviour of pupils is good.  


  • Pupils are proud to be members of Byron Primary School. They are polite to each other and to visitors, opening doors and showing good manners at all times.  


  • Pupils enjoy coming to school.  


  • Strong transition arrangements are in place to ensure that pupils settle into school quickly and establish expectations and routines.