At Byron Primary School we teach children to read using a Literacy Programme called Read Write Inc.

Read Write Inc. Phonics teaches children to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension. They learn to form each letter, spell correctly, and compose their ideas step-by step.


Children learn the English alphabetic code. Individual sounds are called 'speed sounds'. They are grouped into three sets:
Set 1 sounds are the initial letter sounds.
Set 2 sounds are made up of two or three letters which make one sound.
Set 3 sounds are the same sounds written in alternative ways.

Children read story books which are closely matched to their phonic knowledge. These consist of green words which are linked to the sounds they have been learning and red words which are 'tricky' because they can not be decoded.

There are lots of activities which link with the books -  a thought-provoking introduction, prompts for thinking out loud, partner discussion and comprehension questions.  The children read each story several times to increase their fluency and learn to read with a storytellers voice.


The children write everyday, rehearsing out loud what they want to say, before spelling the words using the graphemes and 'tricky' words they know.

They also practise handwriting every day; sitting at a table comfortably, learning correct letter formation and how to join letters speedily and legibly.  

Each week the children complete a longer piece of writing which is developed by drawing on their own experiences and by talking about the stories they have read.

 How is Read Write Inc. Phonics organised?

  • Children are taught for 1 hour a day
  • They are taught by teachers and teaching assistants
  • They are grouped according to progress
  • They are assessed regularly

Ruth Misken

Ruth Misken is the founder of the Read Write Inc. Literacy programme. There is lots of information for parents on the Ruth Misken website.