Emergency Home Learning 

As a result of the government guidance relating to the coronavirus, some children are unable to come to school.  Below are links to work they are able to do from home.  

Previous home learning has now been archived but you can click here to find it.



Are you up for the challenge?  Here's a scavenger hunt for you!  When you finish post some photos on Twitter and tag us @ByronSchool

The National Literacy Trust have launched a Family Zone web portal for parents to support them during this time. It has become a directory, collecting together many of the best free literacy resources for 0-12 year olds.

Science and Well-Being Daily Challenges for Primary Children - for younger ones, older ones and even some tips for parents and the parents of children with specific AEN.

Est-ce que tu parles français?  ¿Hablas español?  Sprichst du Deutsch?  Learn another language for free whilst you are at home - click here and ask a parent or carer to register. 

Would listening to Michael Morpurgo reading the Butterfly Lion make you want to read the rest of the story?  It made Mr Atkins want to!

Whatever period of history you are interested in there's always something horrible right HERE to enjoy #bwahahaha

Our friend Harold over at SCARF is writing a blogpost diary everyday packed with ideas of things you could do, especially good if you are feeling worried.  Pop over here to take a look.  He and we would love to hear about your ideas on our Twitter feed - @ ByronSchool & @CoramLifeEd


Year R

Enjoy The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle - Mrs Baptie loves it!

How many nursery rhymes and early songs do you know?  Which are your favourites?  Click here and then have fun performing them for the folks at home! 

Make a homemade shaker and make some music - see the links below

Shake and Stop sound clip (M4A)      Everybody... sound clip (M4A)      My Home Is Where I Eat My Tea sound clip (M4A)      My Home Is Where I Play With My Sister sound clip (M4A)

Some words you can blend together using Fred in your head (blending).  Some words you just have to learn.

Loads of reading and writing activities with simple 3 letter words (CVC words).

Read this recipe for tablespoon biscuits, make them with a grown up and then post the recipe on Twitter – don’t forget to include @ByronSchool.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is one of Mrs Langthorne's favourite stories!

Penguin Class can watch the live webcam of the penguins at Edinburgh Zoo!!  Wait - actually we can all watch the penguins, they're gorgeous!

Don't miss out on your phonics every morning - reading is the key to all learning!  Watch a Speed Sounds session here.

14 cheeky challenges you can do without leaving the house ... right here.


Years 1 and 2

Can you read along with or perform the Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler.

Telling the Time - how accurate are you and ... did you remember to turn all your clocks forward??  Mrs Sullivan forgot to change the microwave!

Year 1 Phonics Booklet and Mat

Year 1 and 2 Three Little Princesses Reading Comprehension 

Alphabetical Order Castles & Knights 

Practice your cutting skills, make your own knight 

Interactive Phonics Games on Phonics Play  

Art Hub for Kids on YouTube

Click here and design your own shield

Don't miss out on your phonics every morning - reading is the key to all learning!  Watch a Speed Sounds session here.

High Frequency word handwriting practice

KS1 Create a Castle Challenge

Easter Themed Craft Baskets

Year 1 Common Exception Words Reading and Writing

Year 2 Common Exception Words Reading and Writing

Year 1, 1 more, 1 less maths mystery

Year 2, Spring Maths activity booklet


Years 3 and 4

English – Edit a sentence

English – Stella’s First Day

Maths – Number bonds to 100

Maths – Find 10 more or 10 less

Maths – Mixed multiples

Year 3 Maths – Make 100

Year 4 Maths - Fractions

History – Anglo Saxons, days of the week

Science – Nutrition Diary

French – Joyeuses Paques, it's Easter in France

Addition and subtraction explained

Use addition to work out the inverse

Calculate the area

Colour and label the fractions

Correct the sentence


Years 5 and 6

Year 5 English – Story time with Micheal Morpurgo

Year 5 English – Describe the character

Year 5 English – Poetry

Year 5 Maths – Halving

Year 5 Maths – Arithmetic

Year 5 DT – Cooking Easter Crispy Cookies

Year 6 English – Design an Island

Year 6 English – Writing Descriptions

Year 6 English – Storytime with Michael Morpurgo

Year 6 Maths – Halving

Year 6 Maths – Arithmetic

Year 6 Science – Classifying Organisms

Do you fizz?  Do you buzz?  Playing Fizz Buzz with your family will certainly improve your times tables - just ask Dr Mike!

Reading comprehension - Our Diverse Planet

Writing - write a story for your teacher

Maths - Year 5 Spring Themed maths activity pack

Maths - Year 6 Spring Themed maths activity pack

Topic - Make your own gas mask