Curriculum Rationale

Purpose –

We believe every child deserves a high quality and appropriate education in line with the national curriculum. We offer a curriculum which is balanced and prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.


Vision/ Mission –

Our mission is to achieve excellence together. We aim to provide a curriculum in which all of our children feel happy, safe, confident and resilient to develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. We recognise the importance of equipping children early on with the tools required to access a full curriculum and place reading at the heart of our curriculum. We place a key focus on communication and language, literacy and mathematical development; as well as personal, social and emotional and physical development. As a Rights Respecting School, developing children’s independence and motivation as learners, together with the sense of responsibility as future citizens, is vital to our curriculum. We strive to provide our children with excellent learning experiences so they have an excellent foundation upon which to achieve excellence in life.


Values/ Ethos –

We believe that knowledge underpins and enables the application of skills. We aim to develop pupil knowledge and skills across all curriculum subjects within an environment which will stimulate, feed and challenge children’s natural curiosity. There is a four-stage approach to our curriculum pedagogy (within the themes that we teach) to meet our aim:


Engage – We start from the children. We ask them what they already know and how we could build upon their existing knowledge. We hook our children in with a memorable experience, setting the scene and providing the context for learning.

Develop – Next, we teach facts and information for deeper understanding and knowledge. Teachers demonstrate new skills and allow time for children to consolidate their new learning.

Innovate – Our children are then encouraged to work collaboratively to solve problems and become more independent learners and showcase their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Express – Finally, children are encouraged to reflect on their learning journey, celebrate, and share their success with their peers, parents and other members of the community.


This four-stage approach ensures that our curriculum themes are taught through a pedagogy that:

·       Develops, applies and embeds knowledge and skills across subjects

·       Promotes excellence, innovation and independence

·       Excites, promotes and sustains children’s interest, offering all children a memorable experience within the topic

·       Draws upon rich resources

·       Provides opportunities to share and celebrate outcomes

·       Involves parents and utilises the local community

·       Develops confident individuals who are emotionally resilient

·       Promotes problem solving and communication

·       Enables and fosters children’s natural curiosity and expands their horizons

·       Enables children to reflect on and evaluate their learning


Passion, participation, positivity, pace and purpose is evident throughout.


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