Career Education

Foundation Stage

In the Early Years Foundation Stage at Byron Primary School we promote ‘Career Education’ by studying a topic called ‘People Who Help Us’. In this topic we look at a range of occupations which help us, for example, Police Officers, Doctors/ Nurses, Teachers, Fire Fighters, Vets, Dentist, Opticians etc. As we are studying a range of different occupations we invite the children to talk about what their parents/ grand-parents do for a living and then move onto what they would like to do when they grow up. ‘People Who Help Us’ allows for such a wide range of occupations that the children learn a lot about the sorts of things you need to work hard at to achieve a certain career.

Key Stage 1

We encourage career education via cross curricular studies, topic work, PSHE/SEAL and through the broad range of genre in RWI. Visitors are frequently invited into the school to support the curriculum and as part of this will discuss their careers. For example, Guide dog trainers, firemen, police, Network rail engineers and community support workers from Gillingham FC who emphasise the importance of studying as well as football, this particularly focuses on our boys. In SEAL, we are concentrating upon setting high aspirations with a positive ‘can do’ focus, encouraging the children to research, select and explain what they know or what they would like to be with reference to a given career/job. This is particularly prominent when we study the local community. Every opportunity is taken advantage of to reinforce a positive attitude towards the future career opportunities.

Lower Key Stage 2

In Year 3 and 4 we have had the team from Rochester train station in to talk about the new station and the types of jobs that work there e.g. drivers, engineers, designers etc.  They showed video clips and interviews of the different roles.

A Year 4 class went to GFC football ground where they had a tour and then they were spoken to about the importance of doing well at school and working hard in English and Maths to become a footballer.

During PSHME/RE we have spoken about special people and those we look up to and respect. 

Whilst on the current Year 4 residential, the children asked about the different jobs that the leaders had and how they got there.

Upper Key Stage 2

Since September we have had different opportunities to showcase careers to our children.  Through visits, trips out and visitors to the school the children have been exposed to different career opportunities.

The magistrates visit highlighted potential opportunities within the legal system and also the negative aspect of a life of crime!  Our visit to the Barracks at Brompton allowed the army to speak about career opportunities as soldiers and they also mentioned the other armed forces.  Within school, teaching as a career path is frequently discussed in class and in assemblies.  Linked with this the University of Kent science sessions brought to light the potential courses at universities and for opportunities within the sciences. Discussions in class have led one pupil, who wants to study fashion, to go to an open day at UCA.