School Council

Our School Council is an important part of our school’s Pupil Voice.  Each class from Year 1 to Year 6 elect two representatives who attend regular meetings every month with Mr Davison. Issues are discussed in Class Council Meetings and then the children’s views are brought to the School Council by the representatives.

We feel that the school council is an important way to teach children about the importance of democracy and decision-making.

This academic year, our School Council members discussed the use of single-use plastic. Through the views and direction given by School Council, the school joined the #PassOnPlastic campaign and focused on reducing our own use - which we did! We were also tasked with coming up with some fundraising ideas this year, which resulted in the KS1 film night and the KS2 disco. 

In September, 2 new representatives for the School Council will be decided by a vote in the children's new classes. We look forward to another exciting year together and, as the meetings happen, regular updates will be added to this page for the whole school community to enjoy.