Aims and Values




What do we aim to do?

Our overarching aim is to ‘Achieve Together’ and to do this we believe we must all focus on the 5 P’ of: progress, performance, pedagogy, prospects and partnership.

What that means in real terms is that we must all try as hard as we can … to be the best that we can …in the best way that we can …to get where we want to be … with the help of and helping others.


How do we do it?

Achieving our aims means that we have to focus on our 5 Cs which are: core, curriculum, collaboration, coaching and community

  • Core - prioritising reading and basic skills
  • Curriculum – teaching that which interests and challenges
  • Collaboration – working in teams within and beyond
  • Coaching – developing, enabling, supporting, evaluating
  • Community – engaging, building capacity and raising aspirations


What helps us?

We believe that the teaching of reading and writing is central to all we do. This is why we use Read, Write Inc.’ strategies and materials as the cornerstone that guides our work. We apply their 5 P’s which should be evident in every lesson in school and they are: passion, participation, positivity, pace and purpose.