Sporting Club Byron

Sporting Club Byron

Sporting Club Byron is an elite sports club in its fifth year of running. Last academic year (2020-2021) was affected by COVID, causing all events to be cancelled locally. However, we were able to train in phase groups which allowed us to continue to develop our skills and build as a team.

2019 was Sporting Club Byron’s most successful year, winning the plate in Table Tennis and Medway Sport’s most prestigious award, “Fair play”. The team backed this up with several top ten finishes in the plate competition.


Joining Sporting Club Byron

Children in Years 3 to 5, who have been identified from their PE lessons as having a real flare for PE, will receive an invite to attend trials (usually in Term 6). Those successful, will then be asked to sign a commitment contract and the children themselves will take part in their own performance reviews. 


When Sporting Club Byron takes place

The club runs two dedicated training sessions each week (Thursdays and Fridays). These will include ‘Master Classes’ from specialist coaches across a number of sports. The club will also attend several sporting events including Hockey, Basketball, Tag Rugby, Netball, Table Tennis, Cricket and Football.



The school is given an amount of money each year which it can only spend on sport. We have budgeted to spend some of this money on Sporting Club Byron. The club has its own identity and logo which you can see on the training kit and at the top of the school’s newsletters. 


Social Media

We will give you regular updates on Sporting Club Byron through the newsletter, school website and the dedicated twitter feed @SportingClubBPS 


2021-2022 Plate Season so far:

6th Hockey (out of 24)

6th Basketball (out of 24)

2nd Table Tennis (out of 24)

18th Netball (out of 24)


SCB Club Honours

2017 – 2018 1st Table Tennis

2018 – 2019 1st Table Tennis

2018 – 2019 Fair Play Winners (Netball)