Welcome to Upper Key
Stage Two


Mr G. Atkins - UKS2 Phase Leader and Class Teacher 5/6A

Mrs Cooper - Class Teacher 6C

Mr Seaward - Class Teacher 6R

Mrs Lovell - Class Teacher 5L

Mr Stone - Class teacher 5S 

Mr Lock also teaches across UKS2. 

Miss Keen is currently on maternity leave.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team please pop into the office to make an appointment or fill in the contact form on the front page of the website.

Children's learning in UKS2 is supported by a team of teaching assistants (TAs).

Our TAs support in all classes, as well as teaching phonics throughout the school.

TAs in UKS2 - Mrs Barnes, Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Conroy


Monday - PE 5/6A and 6C

Tuesday - PE 5S

Wednesday - PE 5L and 6S

Thursday - Swimming Y5

Terms 3 and 4 - Year 5 are going swimming, starting 10th January 2019.  Please arrive at school at 8.30 to ensure we get to Medway Park for the start of the session at 9am.


We have a visit from a mobile planetarium on 24th January 2019.  Each class will get a 'tour of the solar system'.   We are doing this in school to reduce the cost to parents.


These are some of the websites that we like to use in school:

Great for Maths:



Support for English:



Support for our Topic:







 Phonics and literacy

For more information on the teaching of phonics and literacy at Byron click here.

Year 5 will split into 3 groups for English as will Year 6 this year.

Each week they will have two sessions teaching Reading skills such as: skimming, scanning and retrieving answers from the text. Year 6 will have a third session looking at old SATs papers to build their skills at answering Reading comprehension questions.  In addition there will be 3 sessions focusing on Spelling and Grammar.  Homework will be sent home weekly to build on these learning opportunities



A big focus within Year 5/6 this year continues to be using and applying our Maths knowledge.

Below are links to two documents showing what children should know and be able to do in maths by the end of year 5 and 6:

Year 5 Maths      Year 6 Maths

Children should also practise their times tables as these are tested most weeks in Year 5.  Homework for Year 5 will be set on My Maths. In Year 6 the focus will be on arithmetic and a test will be sent home each Thursday for the children to work through.  This should take no more than 15-20 minutes and is vital to helping the children achieve the required standard at the end of Year 6.


Physical Education

Each class has two sessions of PE a week – one inside and one outside.  This may also include a swimming session each week. 

Please make sure that the children have the correct kit for their lesson:
Indoor PE: shorts, T-Shirt and bare feet in the hall.

Outdoor PE: Shorts, T-Shirt and trainers (in warm weather);  Or jogging bottoms, T-Shirt, jumper and trainers (in cold weather).

During all PE lessons, children need to have their hair tied back and earrings removed.  It is school policy not to tape over earrings: they must be removed by the children themselves; adults cannot help them with this.

In PE each week the children will be building upon the skills they learnt the previous week.

Swimming is on a Thursday with year 5 swimming in Terms 3 and 4.  On a swimming day children should arrive at 8.30am and will be let in to register before the buses depart promptly at 8.45am. Please ensure your child has their costume on already as timings are very tight once we arrive at Medway Park. Children should bring underwear and a towel in a bag.  Goggles are useful if the children have them.


Our Topic Work ~



Journey through space and see the wonders of the Universe and the night sky.

During Term 3 we will read information texts to learn about the solar system and the Sun.  We will think about how large the planets are in relation to each other and model this in a practical way. We will use mnemonics to help us remember the facts.

A visit to the astrodome will enhance the learning experience and transport the children to the stars. 

We will look at various myths and legends to see how the moon is depicted in different ways and use this to write our own myth.





Within Science this term, we are studying the planets as part of the Topic work.  We will investigate space and the movement of the Earth and other planets relative to the Sun. We will look at the Earth and the movement of the Moon relative to it.


Religious Education/PSHE

In RE this term we will be looking at Islam and understanding religions other than Christianity.  Our studies will include looking at:

The five pillars of Islam;

What are the pillars in my life?

The importance of Muhammad.  



DT and Art

In Art and DT we will look at the surface of the moon using close up images and recreate this using techniques such as layering and stitching. 

Rights Respecting School

Article 27 - The right to have our basic needs met.