Sporting Club Byron

Sporting Club Byron

We have launched a new elite sports club.  This club has the aim of getting the school to the final of a Medway Mini Youth Games event within the next 3 years. 

Children in years 2 to 5 who have been identified from their PE lessons as having a real flare for PE have been invited to join the club.  The club will run a dedicated training session each week.  This will include ‘Master Classes’ from specialist coaches across a number of sports.  The club will also attend some sporting events.

Children and parents are being asked to sign a commitment contract and the children themselves will take part in their own performance reviews. 

Each year we will identify the next crop in year 2 children to join the group and keep it evolving throughout the school. 

The school is given an amount of money each year which it can only spend on sport.  We have budgeted to spend some of this money on Sporting Club Byron.  The club has its own identity and logo which you can see at the top of this newsletter. 

We will give you regular updates on Sporting Club Byron through the newsletter and the school website and the dedicated twitter feed @SportingClubBPS.